I agree to have you (eXpression!) evaluate my idea/material for suitability of use, subject to each of the following: You may use my material or any component of my material without notice or payment to you. If you do use my material, I acknowledge it is original and novel; I acknowledge to you that any liability you may have to me arising out of the use of the material, will for no reason whatsoever exceed the forgoing sum; I warrant that the material is original to me and no third party has any right in or to it. If there is a third party, I the submitter own or have been transferred rights; I am aware, and I acknowledge, that other people including your staff members may have submitted materials to you that are similar or identical to my materials. I recognize that similar materials may have been made public and that I will not be entitled to any compensation.

I have read your statement of policy, and in submission, I acknowledge and agree to the terms above.

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