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    Pin Up with Gia Versace

    This exotic, bubbly and curvaceous performer knows a thing or two about displaying beauty while keeping the mystery.

    Not all the women on Madonna’s famous anthem to sex appeal were on the cover of Vogue, but they did have something in common: most of them were famous pin up girls of their generation. Before Hugh Hefner came along with his bunnies, women were already modeling in alluring and sexy poses; they were already hanging on the walls of hopeful teenagers and encouraging other women to go on diets. Pin-up girls were seen by some as a sign of an oversexed culture, but that, of course, was before they could possibly imagine what was to come!

    What made pin-up models so appealing was their ability to convey sensuality while keeping a secret. They weren’t nude, but they made us wish they were. That is more than a skill, it’s a talent, a natural willingness to show and hide. And it’s the charming ability to leave the audience wanting more.

    If you wish to watch a pin-up girl in motion, you will have to look for Gia Versace when she performs in the Paper Doll Revue at Fusions Waikiki. This exotic, bubbly and curvaceous performer knows a thing or two about displaying beauty while keeping the mystery.

    She wasn’t sure how to come out to her older brothers and strict father so she enlisted the help of her sister, Max, who gave her dad the heads up when Gia was only eighteen. To her surprise, her dad was more upset that she hadn’t told him first! When she decided to start her transition she had another conversation with her father.

    “I wasn’t sure how he would react, Gia recalls, “because when I was a kid he would catch me playing with Barbies or trying on dresses and he would punish me...

    ...Although it wasn’t easy for him, he told me that he would never want me out of his life, and that no matter what, we‘d stick together.”

    Although her brothers took a little more convincing, Dad once again stepped in and reminded them that she was still a sibling, a part of the family and deserving of respect.

    Today she continues to break barriers of misconception and prejudice by simply carrying on a happy, productive life. Her day job is in the rather conservative sector of public education, but she has had no problems with co-workers or the children. “I let people get to know me, know that I live a regular life,” she says.

    “I have feelings like they do , I have problems, I have good days and bad days, just like everyone else...

    ...As they get to know me, they learn to get over whatever ideas about Transgender they’ve had in the past.”

    Anyone with such a caring and beautiful personality deserves to be on a poster hanging from a wall as a reminder that being genuine is still a gorgeous trait. And it really doesn’t hurt that she looks so darn good on the outside as well!

    Strike a pose, Gia Versace, picture of a beauty queen!

    More from photo shoot

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